Pricing Plan

Simple & Affordable Pricing Plan for every Creative Individual



Billed Monthly Subdomain
Core Features
Standard Support
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Billed Yearly
Save 16.7% Annually Subdomain
Core Features
Standard Support



Billed Bi-Yearly
Save 25% BiAnnually Subdomain
Core Features
Standard Support


Trial Period

We provide 7 days full access to our product, This is to enable you examine and see if our product is best fit for your business. After the free trial, you are required to subscribe.

Define Standard Support

By standard support, we strive to respond to every customer's ticket (both existing and trial users) within 24 Hours

What handle Site Hosting ?

Unlike the normal practice in the web design and hosting industry, we provide the software, hosting and since we know our software better, we provide security

Do you Provide Refund ?

By reason of the free trial, we do not offer money back guarantee or money refund, Our free trial period provides you with enough time to ascertain if our product is good fit and valuable

What are the Core Features?

By Core features, you get access to all the basic features avaialble on the Feature Page and upcoming releases

Do you offer discount ?

We believe in offering our product at a fair price, but will only provide discount to users that subscribe to Yearly and Bi-Yearly Plan. Discount is listed in the pricing plan